License Search & Verification


The TFSC issues both individual and establishment licenses. By Commission rule, a funeral establishment shall conspicuously display its own license and every license holder's orginal license in each place of business at which the license holder practices. Licenses are color-coded in the following manner:

Yellow - Provisional (Funeral Director / Embalmer)

Blue – Active Individual (Funeral Director / Embalmer / Dual)

Orange/Red – Active/Provisional on Probation with Commission 

Green – Establishments (Funeral Homes / Commerical Embalming Facilities / Crematories / Cemeteries)

All licenses will show the expiration date of the license.



A person can verify that an individual/establishment is licensed with the TFSC by an online search. Searches can be done by location, name or license number at the following link: 

Public Licensee Search 



The cost for written licensure verification is $30 per license and only verifiies license status. 

The cost for writen license certification is $50. The detailed license certification contains the following information: name, address, date of birth, license number, category of license, current status, date license issued, expiration date of license, and existence of past disciplinary actions. Any additional information must be requested in writing.

 License Verification Application

 License Certification Application