How to File a Complaint


The TFSC licenses and regulates funeral directors, embalmers. funeral homes, commerical embalming facilities, and crematories. Anyone who believes an individual or establishment licensed by the TFSC has violated the Commission’s governing laws or rules may file a complaint by submitting a completed complaint form to the TFSC.

 TFSC Complaint Form

Complaints must be filed within two years of the event giving rise to the complaint. However, the Executive Director is authorized to waive this time limit if good cause is shown by the complainant. By law funeral establishments are only required to keep records for two years. Complaints over two years old may be harder to investigate.

The Complaint Process Resolution chart shows the steps taken between a complaint being filed and final disposition.

 TFSC Complaint Resolution Chart



Along with the TFSC, the Texas Department of Banking (TDB) and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) have jurisdiction over the death care industry. TDB regulates the prepaid funeral industry and perpetual care cemeteries. TDI regulates insurance and annuity contracts that fund prepaid contracts.

When a complaint is received by the TFSC, it is reviewed to determine which agency has jurisdiction and forwarded to the appropriate agency for enforcement if necessary.


Texas Department of Banking
2601 N. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78705-4294
(512) 475-1290 / FAX (512) 475-1288


Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Help Line
P. O. Box 149091
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