Establishment Renewals


Funeral Establishments, Commericial Embalming Facilties and Crematories can renew a license online at the Online Renewal Center.

 Online Renewal Instructions

If the establishment license was renewed online and a license was not received in the mail, contact the TFSC immediately. The establishment's representative must be able to provide the transaction receipt received upon completion of renewal online or the TFSC cannot trace the renewal.

The TFSC does not  staff the online renewal center and online helpdesk.  The HPC help-desk states it can take multiple days to respond to a help ticket, especially near the end of the month. The help-desk only responds to emailed help requests. TFSC licensing staff is able to help with resetting passwords and removing licenses from old accounts for the online renewal system. Contact Nikki Smith at for assistance.

Any establishment may also renew using the following paper applications:

 Funeral Establishment Renewal Application

 Commercial Embalming Facility Renewal Application

 Crematory Renewal Application